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Hello everyone,

We have now released season 1 of Skyblock!
This is the first season of the new Skyblock and will last 3 months.
It will run from now until Friday the 13th of September (we know it's spooky!).
We have put a lot of hours into improving existing features on the server and adding new ones.
We are very proud of what we have put together for you and are excited to share it!
Prizes will be given out every month for the top 5 islands and are listed below.
Prizes: For the 1st season, we will be doing monthly top island rewards.
Since the season will last 3 months, that means that there will be 3 payouts per season.
The prizes at the end of each month will be as follows:

• 1st Place: $150 PayPal and $100 Buycraft coupon.
• 2nd Place: $100 PayPal and $75 Buycraft coupon.
• 3rd Place: $50 PayPal and $60 Buycraft coupon.
• 4th Place: $40 Buycraft coupon.
• 5th Place: $25 Buycraft coupon.

The island leader will receive the reward and it will be up to them to distribute the prize between island members, so be careful whose island you join!​


• The marriage plugin has been added! Time for you to find your true love!
• Crates have been reworked.
• Custom Enchants have been updated, any broken ones have been removed.
•More minions have been added- Miner, Seller, Farmer, Fisher, Butcher, Lumberjack, Sorter, and Collector!
• Fast Place has been added with 3 different tiers available to purchase in the store for various different times.
• Chat Reaction has been added and words will be updated every month!
• Public Grinders are now allowed!
•We have introduced a mob coin shop! Mob coins can be obtained from killing mobs!
•Global and Personal boosters now available for experience, money, and mob coins! All of these can be purchased from the store. Global boosters last for 30 minutes, which effect everybody online, whereas personal boosters last for 1 hour and only affect you.
•When you kill a mob manually, it will now only kill one mob at a time (instead of the whole stack). However, if you use a grinder to kill them (lava or fall damage), it will kill all mobs at once.
• Envoys have been brought back and will spawn in the pvp area.
• GKits have been updated and improved.
• Token Shop has been updated with new items and price changes.
• Every chunk is now a slime chunk.
• Realm kits have been updated and improved.
• Achievements have been changed and you will now receive rewards for completing them, as well as a special reward for completing all of them.
• Pets have been removed. Our existing plugin was glitchy, but don’t worry, we are looking into a new one.
• The dungeons have been removed, but we will have a dungeon update coming out soon!
•You can now purchase hopper limit increases.
• Removed MCMMO.​

We hope you enjoy this first season of Skyblock! As this is a new system, if there are any issues or content you'd like to see added, please message a member of our senior team.


~ Skyblock Administration Team​