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ban appeal

  1. S

    Ban Appeal

    Hi this is me ScrewTop123. I recently got banned and I would like to get my sentence changed to a temp one. I got banned as I was scamming by making my own gambling station and I was told that my gambling technique had unfair chances. I was told that I was scamming by placing flowers to make my...
  2. G

    getrexed114 Ban appeal

    username:getrexed114 reason for ban: ignoring staff several times and being disrespectful to others ok so i have been banned for the reason above which to some extent i agree with and shouldn't be allowed but a staff member believes im braking the rules by stepping into some one else claim...
  3. S

    Ban Appeal

    So I was recently banned for the Reason: Racism Before the ban I was typing in the Chat, making jokes, and I believe I should not have been banned for my jokes but instead Muted! I made a joke and I phrase "brb my asian friends are eating my dog" and 2 people came and got mad at me because...
  4. B

    Ban Appeal

    Im banned from alting keys but i didn't know it was forbidden.pls appeal my ban.im very sorry i just want save my pokemons...(im not english) I gave my product to another account
  5. A

    Ban Appeal

    So, i got banned on heartgold. Cause of a pokeglitch or something. Can you pls unban me? If you don't unban me i will accept It. I just hope you can give me an extra chance Ign. ArmyJimin Thanks for your work.
  6. T

    Ban Appeal

    Hey, I got banned for (Underselling HA's) i got warned for my Abra cause i was selling it for 90k and instantly put it off /gts and replaced it with 100k whats the usual price as far as i know for non ruined HAs and i was not thinking i would be underselling any other pokemon anymore. If i was...
  7. Sujin

    Ban Appeals

    Here is our Ban Appeals Link: https://thedestinymc.enjin.com/appeal Submit ONE Ticket and wait for a response. If you don't know who banned you, just say so. Admin+ look over Ban Appeals at least once a week, so please don't spam us or send multiple tickets because you haven't gotten an instant...

    Ban appeal

    IGN: CRYCES Age: 17 Ban reason: griefing Ban: permanent Server: PikaCity Hello, I played a long time on this server till i got banned because of griefing the spawn with placing strings. I feel really bad of my actions, i learned of the ban (banned since ~1 year) and I won't do it again if I get...
  9. L

    Ban Appeal

    Username: Lugiatedestroyer During the summer break me and 3 other friends decided that we were bored with League of Legends and we all wanted to play something else, we logged on minecraft and one of my friends(Noah) decided that we should play pixelmon everyone agreed so we all tried to get...
  10. G

    Ban appeal

    Sorry me and my friend were really drunk and we didnt know what we were doing, i got banned for typing some not good words on signs in my base, im sorry we thought it was funny back then but we really enjoy playing on this sevrer so if you could please unban me id be so glad, my IGN Timju
  11. ShlongleDongus

    Ban appeal 2?

    Hello, I am H__T, a former player on the Generations network. heres my Appeal: Why was I banned? - I disrespected a staff member - Politics How long have I been banned? - Since around September 2018 Why should I be unbanned? -Want to play with a friend, will not be disrespectful to others
  12. L

    Ban Appeal

    I understand what I did wrong. I may have said some comments that would be considered inappropriate and racist and I apologise sincerely. I was muted for a day for my actions which I agree is a light punishment. If I can get un banned or at east have my ban not be permanent that would be amazing...
  13. B

    Ban Appeal for BoysDK

    Hello, I am BoysDK, a former player on the Generations network. heres my Appeal: Why was I banned? - I disrespected a staff member How long have I been banned? - I am not sure tbh. I think about... July. Why should I be unbanned? -I feel like I have improved as a person overall, and have...
  14. E

    Kurinkito Ban Appeal

    my little one had my brother, he will play here plays but does not speak English have fallen into a mistake and rules read did not have this item in so He was s like you showed me Alting suspicious, please I want the lifting of the ban more than a small child can make a mistake but cannot make a...
  15. G

    Ban Appeal

    Hi, my username is Ghostyy45 and I was banned for x-ray this morning around 12:30 CST. I was indeed using x-ray to find coal, iron and gold. I was wondering if I could have another chance, but if not, I completely understand why. Have a nice day to whomever may read this.