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Sep 10, 2022

Server Rules

Server Rules

» Use of Blacklisted Modifications not listed
    ‣ Allowed: Optifine, Lunar Client, Badlion (Not Badlion+).

» Scamming
    ‣ Punishable: Any form of scamming is not tolerable on DestinyMC. To clarify, a "bad deal" is not a scam, even if the pricing is absurd. Scamming can be clarified by these descriptions:

» Not properly following the conditions of the trade-in an attempt to trick the other player.

» Attempting to deceive a player for items, currency, or Pokémon by altering the original trade without the other player’s permission.

» Gambling
    ‣ Allowed: Gambling using the wager feature in the battle UI.
    ‣ Punishable: Any form of gambling outside of features DestinyMC provides is strictly prohibited. This is to protect players from games that may be rigged or unfair, as these are classified under our rule against scamming.

» IRL Deals
    ‣ Allowed: You are allowed to purchase items off of the DestinyMC store in exchange for in-game items or currency from another player.
    ‣ Punishable: You are not allowed to sell Minecraft accounts, in-game items, currencies, or anything outside of the DestinyMC server.

» Economy Harming
   ‣ Punishable: This section is broken off into three branches:

» Affecting the economy with malicious intent will not be tolerated. This is to ensure that players who invest themselves in the in-game market do not have a tarnished experience due to another player's actions.

» Selling all of your Pokémon at once in response to leaving the server or a recent server/staff/player decision will be halted; we ask that if you don’t want to play the game then please do not distribute all of your Pokémon at once.

» Purposely handing out items or money in response to leaving the server will not be allowed. Once again keep all items/money on you just in case you ever want to come back.

» Donor Command Misuse
    ‣ Punishable: You are not allowed to share commands such as /checkspawns legendary & /breed with non-donors. Extensive breaking of this rule may result in the permission in-question being revoked.

» Account Sharing
    ‣ Punishable: DestinyMC is not responsible for what you do with your account, meaning if you share your account with another individual who receives a punishment we will not remove or lessen the sentence.

» Lag Machines
    ‣ Punishable: You are not allowed to intentionally cause the server to lag.

» Builds & Griefing
    ‣ Punishable: This section is broken off into three branches:

» You are not allowed to build anything that would be considered 18+ or highly offensive.​

» You are not allowed to grief other players builds or steal items, regardless of if the build or storage block(s) is/are claimed or not. Punishments on unclaimed land are more lenient, but we encourage leaving all player-made structures alone.

» You are not allowed to claim-lock others, claim over their builds, or claim within a radius of their claims without permission (claim owners granted around 100 blocks or 6 chunks leeway).