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  1. Die_Viktoria

    Approved Ban Appeal Still Banned

    Hello Spofee, You appeal got accepted but your ban was reduced and not removed. The reply you got said you would be unbanned in 4d so you will be unbanned right before the new Factions season is out. Hope you have a good day, Viktoria
  2. Die_Viktoria

    Ban Appeal

    Please make sure to post your ban appeal in the right section. Click here to find it. And for you Stevie: You should be able to join the server.
  3. Die_Viktoria

    how to delete forum posts?

    Removed your post
  4. Die_Viktoria


    Hello everyone, here are some updates about some of our gamemodes. Zombies: Currently there is no official ETA on the release but the project is being worked on. We are trying to make sure it's stable before the release. Pixelmon: We are as excited as you guys for the new features in the 7.0...
  5. Die_Viktoria

    I'm the coolest potato

    You are the best potato around. ~ Much love, your queen
  6. Die_Viktoria

    My build:D

    Looks cool :D
  7. Die_Viktoria

    Factions season info

    Here is a list of the most important info for this season: When does the map end? 4 Months from beginning, 1 week grace period, weekly payouts. When does Grace period end? At the end of the first week, February 17th - 3pm EST TNT Limit? 4k per tick, same for entities. Payouts? $100...
  8. Die_Viktoria

    Factions rules

    Breaking any of these rules will result in varying punishment deemed fit by the staff team. You can be variably banned for days, weeks, or months at the discretion of staff. If you feel a ban length is unfair, feel free to appeal your ban and fight your case in a fair staff courtroom. For a...
  9. Die_Viktoria

    Factions allowed and disallowed modifications

    Allowed modifications: Schematica (Printer feature is allowed) FPS boosting mods Optifine, BetterFPS Togglesprint and Togglesneak Aesthetic Mods Potion Colors, etc. Keystrokes mod ;) Cps mod Fps mod StatusEffect and ArmorHud 1.7 Animations Mod Waypoints Mod Coords Hud SideBar Mod World...
  10. Die_Viktoria

    Factions staff applications

    Hello everyone, here is the link if you want to apply for a staff role on Factions: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfWiEM1TZ-tbnUB6VCUCcGMBU-Q8C1E9S8VTbTaLRM5KMRgKQ/viewform Please make sure to fulfill all the requirements before you apply. Good luck everyone!
  11. Die_Viktoria

    Factions reset! Feb 10th

    Hello everyone, our Factions server is going to have a reset on February 10th. Atlas will implement a very custom Factions experience so you all can enjoy your time there. We still need to do some testing to make sure all the custom coded features work fine. Therefore, we are looking for...
  12. Die_Viktoria

    "Everyone wears a mask. I just chose to create my own."

    "Everyone wears a mask. I just chose to create my own."
  13. Die_Viktoria

    But we don't have september yet D:

    But we don't have september yet D:
  14. Die_Viktoria

    Prison Kicking

    Thought so.. I think an admin on Prison might be able to help you if you cant fix it alone. If you know where it is, you can tell them the location and they can break the fence/block so you should be able to join without getting kicked. Maybe try to pm one of the prison admins via discord or ask...
  15. Die_Viktoria

    Prison Kicking

    Maybe ask an admin on prisons if he can tp you somewhere else when you try to join or if they can break the blocks and fence so you can join without getting kicked.
  16. Die_Viktoria

    LDNGamer [Skyblock]

    Try to hide from yourself
  17. Die_Viktoria

    DestinyZombiez [Skyblock]

    Hey Zombie, Always nice to see you :D (Cookies are great) ~Viktoria
  18. Die_Viktoria

    Hello :)

    5 great months and I hope it gets a lot more :D
  19. Die_Viktoria

    LDNGamer [Skyblock]

    Very nice to meet you!
  20. Die_Viktoria

    Hero kit global is a dissapoint

    Hey Ladybug, you can get your rank on all the vanilla gamemodes and all the perks that come with the rank for free. No one ever said that every spawner and so on gets to all gamemodes. We said you would get the rank and nothing more so we always said what we can do and what we dont. Would be...