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  1. OwningProds

    Staff Application Template

    We are having applications on the forums so that individuals can provide feedback on users so we can see who the community deems most fit for the position. (So with this in mind, please give us your feedback on applicants) Copy the application below and answer all questions. Please copy it and...
  2. OwningProds

    Prison 2.2

    PRISON RESET IS NOW LIVE! We are back with a new revision of Chaotic by popular demand. A fun fact about Chaotic is that it has been around since 2013! That totals nearly 7 years of the server, and its great community. It is hard to believe how far the server has come over the course of this...
  3. OwningProds

    Does this server even have rules?

    Prison should have a hectic environment given that it is Prison. Most users on the server appreciate this given it is what they are used to.
  4. OwningProds

    [Prison] Suggestion

    We try our best to incorporate events when we have the time. Thank you for some ideas though! We will do our best to continue to provide content for players.
  5. OwningProds

    Why did Chaotic Shutdown last time?

    @holahoop College was very busy at the time as I continued to adjust. Single servers also have struggled lately, so I didn't deem it fair to keep up when I didn't have the proper time to put into it. Now I have some time, and the network provides a platform for Chaotic to be present once again.
  6. OwningProds

    Does this server even have rules?

    We don't have strict rules on Prison. Use /rules to view most of them.