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Sep 10, 2022

General Rules

General Rules

» Unsafe Internet Practices/Privacy Violations
    ‣ Allowed: You are allowed to make information such as your own first name, country, and age public (assuming you are not a minor).
    ‣ Punishable: This section is broken off into three branches:

» You are not allowed to reveal or request personal information of any user such as phone numbers, IP & real-life address, personal social media etc.

» You are not allowed to send, or threaten to send, any personal information about yourself or another player.

» You are not allowed to threaten to DDoS another player or the server.

» Ban/Mute Evasion
    ‣ Punishable: You are not allowed to use an alternate account to evade a ban/mute. Regardless of the ban reasoning it is your responsibility to follow our rules & ensure that your account is safe and secure.

» Chargebacks
    ‣ Punishable: You are not allowed to open, or threaten to open, a dispute on a store purchase. For assistance related to store purchases create a ticket on our Discord

» Illegal Activities
    ‣ Punishable: You are not allowed to do anything that would be considered illegal (sending 18+ content, pedophilic content/behavior, ).

Understand that Discord's Term of Service has to be followed at all times on our Discord Server. Discord ToS: https://discord.com/terms