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18 Jun
Prison 2.2 OwningProds
We are back with a new revision of Chaotic by popular demand. A fun fact about Chaotic is that it has been around since 2013! That totals nearly 7 years of the server, and its great community. It is hard to believe how far the server has come over the course of this time.
With being such a close-knit community, I want to invite you all to come to check it out with some of the great new features we released. Along with this, hopefully, can engage with some new individuals as we welcome everyone!
A couple of features to check out as a big part of this reset:
  • New Pickaxe Leveling Plugin with Rewards
  • All new Blackjack Plugin (/blackjack)
  • Achievements relative to mining Emerald Blocks
  • Newly revamped by-chance voting rewards
  • A fresh start to work up to the top
  • Adjustments to Higher Ranks to Slow Start
With all of this in mind, we are so excited to welcome you all back onto the server.
There is a 20% off reset sale for all Chaotic Packages, so take advantage of that while it is active.
Looking forward to seeing you online.
~ Owning \ Chaotic Prison
17 Jun
Skyblock Season 1 Skythal

Hello everyone,

We have now released season 1 of Skyblock!
This is the first season of the new Skyblock and will last 3 months.
It will run from now until Friday the 13th of September (we know it's spooky!).
We have put a lot of hours into improving existing features on the server and adding new ones.
We are very proud of what we have put together for you and are excited to share it!
Prizes will be given out every month for the top 5 islands and are listed below.
Prizes: For the 1st season, we will be doing monthly top island rewards.
Since the season will last 3 months, that means that there will be 3 payouts per season.
The prizes at the end of each month will be as follows:

• 1st Place: $150 PayPal and $100 Buycraft coupon.
• 2nd Place: $100 PayPal and $75 Buycraft coupon.
• 3rd Place: $50 PayPal and $60 Buycraft coupon.
• 4th Place: $40 Buycraft coupon.
• 5th Place: $25 Buycraft coupon.

The island leader will receive the reward and it will be up to them to distribute the prize between island members, so be careful whose island you join!​


• The marriage plugin has been added! Time for you to find your true love!
• Crates have been reworked.
• Custom Enchants have been updated, any broken ones have been removed.
•More minions have been...​
20 Apr
20% off Easter sale Die_Viktoria
Hello everyone,
Our 20% off Easter sale is now live in the store and will last until Monday! Head over to our store to take advantage while it lasts.

From everyone at DestinyMC, we hope you all have a happy and safe holiday!
19 Mar
Pixelmon version 7.0.4 Die_Viktoria
Hello everyone,

All our Pixelmon server are updated to version 7.0.4 now. You can restart your Technic Launcher or click here for the update.
You can find the changelog here.
01 Mar
Web designer Die_Viktoria
Hey everyone,
Dub Designs is now our official web designer. I hope you all welcome our new partner.
Also you can check out their website if you guys have any website needs. There is a lot of nice work to see.

Hope you all have a nice weekend and enjoy the good weather :D
24 Feb
Promotion Die_Viktoria
Hello everyone,
Due to his hard work Vital got a promotion to Operations Director. He did a lot of work, both content and development wise.
He will be in charge of coordinating content updates as well as being head of management. We have the confidence that he will improve our network even more and keep it a good place everyone can enjoy.

Hope you all have a good day!
06 Feb
Updates Die_Viktoria
Hello everyone,
here are some updates about some of our gamemodes.

Currently there is no official ETA on the release but the project is being worked on. We are trying to make sure it's stable before the release.

We are as excited as you guys for the new features in the 7.0 update. However, it will take some days before we can bring it on the server. We want to make sure that all bugs are resolved and everything is working fine first. This shouldn't take too long and it will be on the server as fast as possible.

Our Factions server will be named Treasure Realms. There will be many custom features like 80 Custom enchants, bosses in the warzone, unique banking system etc.
Some Youtubers already signed up for the release on the 10th. We don't give out the names yet but if you want to see who it is, maybe just join us on the release on the 10th?
For some more info about this factions info click here.

Hope you all have a good day!
30 Jan
Factions reset! Feb 10th Die_Viktoria
Hello everyone,
our Factions server is going to have a reset on February 10th. Atlas will implement a very custom Factions experience so you all can enjoy your time there.
We still need to do some testing to make sure all the custom coded features work fine. Therefore, we are looking for testers. If you are interested you can apply on discord via a pm to Atlas (Atlas#3909). Hope you all have a good time!
07 Dec
The Revival! Dec 14th. Atlas
Atlas here,
I've wanted to bring back DestinyMC for a couple years now, I miss a lot of the old players and hope to see some return.
I do want to say that I'm very excited going forward with what we are going to bring you in terms of games and content.
Here's a little teaser video I made for the livestream. Hope to meet all of you and I hope you enjoy your time here!

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