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This server is not worth your time.


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Despite waiting 2 weeks for a reply all i can say is this server is not worth your time. If you want to know why read the post below but here is my experience of this server.

This server is purely made for monetization wringing out as much money from it's players as possible legendary spawn rates are ludicrously reduced to force players into buying their ranks and loot boxes. Prices are highly regulated removing any kind of competitive market even actively banning users for putting up items for sale for more expensive or cheaper then their home brew "Price List". Admins and moderators swear by the rule that they are gods of the server and anyone who says otherwise is just banned. I will not return to this server and i can promise you that any other server is better then "pixelmon generations". Still don't beleive me read the post below with images of their dictatorship that they call a community

I will be talking on behalf of multiple users who were banned for 2 days including:

Jimwww1 (myself)
and a couple other users which I cannot remember their names.

Firstly, I would like to comment how banning 10 people consecutively within a 5 minute period to be highly inappropriate especially considering that everyone listed are genuine players and not users joined together to brigade against the Pixelmon Generations server or the staff occupying it.

I will try to remember exactly what was said during this period, but it is possible I missed information during this post. I do not have the chat logs after the ban applied to myself removed the previously sent messages and after asking for a screenshot of the messages in game the moderators denied my request.

These are the pictures taken of conversations on both the Pixelspark help chat and a personal chat between me and admin Snowfox (Hex)

Help chat logs:

Direct messages to Snowfox:

Jezzah's conversation with Kyo:

Moderating chat can be a sensitive topic, it is up to personal preference whether a comment or player should be considered worth a warning or an outright ban. I cannot inspect the server rules now that I am unable to join the server, I do believe the rules should be more accessible such as off the forums here. It should also be clear what can cause issues among the server, being warned for having caps in chat should be reviewed for example. Just saying the words "FOUND IT" after finding a legendary key in the most recent key finding event shouldn't have warranted a warning. I have also seen a user warned for saying "I’m going to kill myself" without context it could be assumed to be a disturbing comment, but he did clear these allegations by saying "I was just jumping in lava I didn't mean in real life" but a warning was still issued with the claim that he should be careful of sensitive topics. Clear rules need to be laid out to stop all the confusion of what will be overlooked or be deserving of punishment in the Pixelmon generations chat. I have seen someone say the word "Nazi" and be outright banned deservingly but to be outright banned for asking why someone was banned should never be placed under the same roof.

Now for the topic at hand why were these players banned:

It first started with a user typing out lyrics in chat "OH OH OH" "HO HO HO" "OH OH OH" this was warranted a warning under the rule spam twice very quickly. He then stopped typing and was banned almost 1 minute later. His friend and a couple random players then asked "why he was banned" where the moderators then banned his friend for being too persistent and was told not to ask questions. Wizardace then asked what was going on and why people were being banned and was told "If you do not stop asking it will not end well for you this is a warning" and was muted for 5 minutes. following this a user named Espaz called the moderators a "Nazi" for being so strict and handing out punishments willingly and was swiftly banned. I then asked, "what are all these bans for why are the moderators being so trigger happy?" "I'm just unsure what’s going on" "just asking is all" and was warranted a mute and ban without warning. Then caught in the crossfire of the heated conversation a random user asked how to show pixelmon icons on the "Journeymap" mod which is included in the most popular technic mod pack for pixelmon reforged and not a illegal mod going off of server rules. Jezzah replied "j is the button to open settings" where he was promptly banned along with the other user for using 'Illegal mods' in the moderators defense, at first glance of a mod that enhances a user’s abilities to find Pokemon shouldn't be allowed but no rules are in place against the "Journeymap" mod tying back to the ambiguous rules of the server. This is about where I was kicked from the generations server I'm sure other users were caught in the debate, but I do not know their usernames. Comments from moderators such as "I'm banning you and everyone else" are not the words of someone who was calmly and collectively handing punishments. Overall it has been shown that even discussing bans can lead to punishments so just by that logic a user 'Creational' stating "i beleive u were warned 3 times so u more then enuf time to know what u were doing" and "atleast its not a perma" should warrant punishment as well.

Before you read this paragraph check the images provided of his and Kyo's conversation. The user Jezzah has appeared to be quite distraught in the discord chat logs but this was after being denied the chat logs in game after asking kyo which could of been collected and sent quite easily but was still denied followed up with the comment "now your just insulting me"

If anyone has the chat logs or even yet a picture of the in game chat I would be very glad to have hard evidence but sadly I couldn't get any images of it before being removed off the server. It was claimed that we were an organised troll group but collectively we slowly built a flatland training zone maxed multiple pokemon's levels and EV's and were grinding towards making many different battle perfect pokemon is this really the sign of an organised troll group or is it just a group of players just playing the game?

The moderators in question are :

With the admin over watching the discord conversations:
Snowfox (Hex)

Please be sure to review the images taken of our discord conversations as they are vital for context and help explain why I believe this to be both unfair and highly hippocritical.
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If anyone was online at the time that noticed what happened in chat feel free to voice your opinion.