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Game Rules

Rules Relating to Hacking, Cheating, and Unfair Gameplay
No Hacked Clients or Cheating for Personal Gain

- This includes, but is not limited to, X-Ray Mods, maps that allow teleportation, and cave mapping.
- Client modifications that are used to do the following are allowed within gameplay:
• Improve client performance
• Aesthetic modification
• Minimap modifications (provided they do not show additional data such as players, entities or underground cave systems)
• Armor and status effect hud modifications
No Use of Macros, Scripts, Autoclickers, Mouse or Keyboard Features, as well as weighted objects to control your gameplay.
Do Not Abuse Bugs, report them immediately to a staff member
No Exploitation of Bugs or Glitches
Examples of such exploits and bugs include:
• Enderpearl & Chorus Fruit Glitching
• Item Duplication
• Nether/End Claiming

Rules Relating to Claiming, Griefing, and Structures
Do Not Grief or Intentionally Destroy Another Player’s Build
Destroying or placing Any blocks within 16 blocks of someone else's claim still counts as griefing.
Offensive Structures Are Not Allowed
Do Not Claim Within 64 Claimblocks of Another Claim

- The use of “Spider Claiming” is not allowed.
• This is defined as creating multiple small claims within a surrounding area to take advantage of the 64 block rule, claiming a large space of land where others are not permitted to build.
- Blocking off End Portals is not allowed. Claiming is allowed, however, it must be accessible to outside players.
Do Not Kill Mobs Within Someones Claim

Rules Relating to Unfair Gameplay Towards Players
TP Killing and TP Trapping Are Not Allowed
TP killing only applies in two situations:
You TP to someone and you fall into a trap that they have made for you
2) You're hit before you're able to respond or defend yourself (5 Seconds or less after the TP has been accepted)
Do Not Trap Players Within Portals
Do Not Harass Staff Members or Players in Any Form
Killing Another Player in any Clearly Unfair Way is Not Allowed

- This applies to:
• TP killing
• TP trapping
• Killing someone on their claim or any other instance where the player is unable to react (exploiting the player being unable to move) or where pvp would typically be disabled.
• Open 1 sided fights does not apply to this rule, nor does grouping up on a target.
Pushing Players Out of Their Claims is Not Allowed

Rules Relating to Machines and Farms
No Fully Automatic Redstone Farms/Machines, Lag Machines, or AFK Machines

- Anything that causes lag can and will be removed by staff members.
- Any farm using redstone clocks or automated redstone loops.

Rules Relating to Individual Player Accounts
The Use of Alternate Accounts (Or Multiple Accounts) is Not Allowed
No Offensive/Inappropriate Skins (Including Political, Racial, or Sexual)
Ban Evading is Not Allowed

Rules Relating to Outside Information and Policies
Do Not Reveal Real Life/Personal Information of Others (Doxxing)
Do Not Break the Mojang Terms of Service or Engage in Illegal Actions
No Real Life Trades or Sales for Personal Benefit

- This includes trading ingame items or currency for real life money/items as well the sale/purchase of Minecraft accounts that do not benefit the Teldaria store.
- Trading In-Game Items for In-Game Ranks IS Allowed.

Chat Rules

Rules Relating to Inappropriate Discussions, Spam, and Filter
Do Not Bypass the Filter, Swear, or Threaten Players and Staff

- Do not bypass /ignore (/showitem, signs, third party)
No Political, Theoretical, Ideological, Racial, or Religious Talk, Including Sexist or Derogatory Remarks
No Spamming, Double Posting, Posting in All Caps, or Flooding Chat
Do Not Evade Mutes
Do Not Use Signs to Bypass, or Speak/Act Inappropriately

Rules Relating to General Respect
Do Not Impersonate Staff
Be Respectful to Both Staff Members and Players
Do Not Harass Staff Members or Players
Direct Personal Threats or Attacks Are Not Allowed

- This does not include chat taunting.

Rules Relating to the Server
Do Not Advertise Other Servers, Post Links, or Self-Promote
Do Not Threaten the Server in Any Form

Rules Relating to Individuals
Use Only English in the Main Chat. Keep it to Private Messages (PMs)
Do Not Abuse /Nick
No Inappropriate Usernames
Keep All Drama Within Private Messages (PMs)

Discord Rules

Rules Relating to Individuals
No Harassing Other Members
No Personal Attacks Towards Other Members

- This includes DM's
You May Not Record Within Channels Without User Consent of All Parties

Rules Relating to Content
No Self-Promotion of Your Own Stream/Content
No NSFW, Inappropriate Content, or Swearing
Do Not Advertise

Rules Relating to General Discussions
No Spamming

- Defined as sending many small or copied messages in a short time frame
No Starting Drama In Any Way
Please Keep Chat Relevant To The Channel You Are In
Do Not Ask People To Look At Your Ban Appeal

Forum Rules

Rules Relating to Individuals
No Harassment or Disrespect Of Any Kind
Keep Private Messages Between Conversing Individuals Only

- If someone private messages you, it is meant to stay private unless there is an infringement of rules.
- If there is an infringement, please screenshot it and contact a staff member instead of discussing it publicly.
Please Hide or Black Out Personal Information
- When uploading receipts or any other form of proof that contains information personal to yourself of others, please black it out or hide it in some form.

Rules Relating to Content
No Self-Promotion of Your Own Stream/Content
Do Not Advertise
No NSFW, Inappropriate Content, or Swearing

Rules Relating to Threads & Signatures
Please Refrain From Using Very Large Forum Signatures
Do Not Backseat Moderate

- Please let staff members handle the situation as additional input may be confusing to players.
Do Not Derail The Topic of a Thread
- An example of derailing would be discussing bans within a bug thread.
Keep Ban Appeals Within Your Ban Appeal Ticket/Thread
Do Not Start Drama in Any Form
Do Not Alter Screenshots or Proof

- Do not crop, edit, or alter screenshots or other proof in any way unless it is showcasing your personal information.
- If it is a screenshot regarding the server, please leave all content intact.
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