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Hey guys! Here is all of the information for the Present Hunt Event I mentioned in the Teldaria discord.

How Present Hunt Will Work:
Present Hunt is going to work similarly to the Key Hunts that we have previously hosted in the survival spawns. Instead of a key being hidden, a present head will be hidden in a chest somewhere around a map that has been built. Pretty simple right?

Any doors that you will need access to will already be opened for you. The presents will only be hidden in chests and they will not be out in the open.

Most of the rules are going to be the same as they are on the survival server. Basic chat rules, like no swearing and inappropriate talk, for example, will be in effect. If you need a refresher on what the rules are, check the "Rules" thread on the forums, or do /rules on the survival servers. We're here to have fun, not cause issues. :)

As mentioned, rewards are going to be random Legendary+ gear. The winner's names will either be thrown in a spreadsheet where I will randomly generate the gear the player receives, or generate the type of gear and people can participate knowing what they will win when they find the present head.

If you win a reward, you can only win once. Meaning, if you find a present, you can not search again. I am putting this in place to make it fair for everyone so that not only one person or so gets multiple rewards when someone else could have one.

Also, as another incentive for when you win, your head will be placed in the Event server spawn with a sign underneath displaying your name on it until another event takes place.

Time and Date:
Right now, the time is set for 4 pm EST tomorrow, January 2nd. There might be a slight change, depending on how many people can make it. I would like as many people as possible to have the chance to participate. If need be, I can run this event more than once.

I hope this clears most questions up for you guys. If you have any more questions, or something just is not as clear, feel free to message me on discord and I'll get those questions answered. I hope you all had a happy holiday, and I will see many of you tomorrow! :)
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