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Factions season info


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Here is a list of the most important info for this season:
  1. When does the map end?
    • 4 Months from beginning, 1 week grace period, weekly payouts.
  2. When does Grace period end?
    • At the end of the first week, February 17th - 3pm EST
  3. TNT Limit?
    • 4k per tick, same for entities.
  4. Payouts?
    • $100 USD & 100 Buycraft to First place each week
    • $75 USD & 75 Buycraft to 2nd place each week
    • $50 USD & 50 Buycraft to 3rd place each week.
    • Payouts each Sunday, set your paypal using /f paypal
  5. Twitter, Discord, forums, IP?
  6. What are the banned mods?
    • A banned mods list can be found here
  7. What are the rules?
    • A list of rules can be found here
  8. How do I join the staff team?
    • A staff application form can be found here
  9. Is this server going to be competitive?
    • Yes. YouTubers will be in opposing factions, staff above SrMod will not be allowed to play.
  10. What is an unfair advantage?
    • Hacks, exploits, and any cheats.
  11. What will keep me playing on here compared to other servers?
    • Custom features, genuine custom features, real developers, a real community management team, weekly updates, and real payouts.
  12. Found an Exploit/Bug?
    • Report it on the bugslist in the Discord using the format in pinned messages.
  13. Max faction size?
    • 64 per fac, 5 allies per fac, 1 alt fac maximum.
  14. What is the main eco?
    • SCane eco. 25k an Inventory.
  15. Ban appeals?
    • Allowed and we have a courtroom system. Check the rules for more info.
  16. Staff reports
    • DM an admin privately.
  17. Player reports
    • DM staff directly or use forums.