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Announcement Adressing The PvP Reset and Key Return

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Hello everyone, I am Jmanp one of the Managers for Teldaria/Survival. As you may be aware of Survival PvP recently reset and with that all donations beside's keys were refunded. We announced that keys would be refunded in some other way to avoid breaking the economy and we have just announced how we will be doing that.

For those that missed that announcement what we are doing is refunding all keys from a 3 month time period before the most recent reset date. All keys from September 16th 2018 to December 16th 2018 will be given back in full on the server and the rest will not be given back, replaced or refunded. This has made a lot of players who did not purchase keys within those months or purchased more before hand angry as they are loosing out on those keys that they paid for. We understand the frustration and that is why I am here posting about this.

In this post I will be going over why we made the decision and weigh the pros and cons of some of the suggestions given for refunding keys and why we think our compromise for returning keys is the best overall for the community.

The first suggestion given is to give back all keys ever sold or all keys sold during the time period from last reset to the most recent reset. This is an obvious no for many reasons. Giving back that amount of keys would completely ruin the economy by flooding the markets with an absolute abundance of items and force us to reset again which would put us in a never ending loop of economy breaks and resets. As for why don't we just let the economy break, the community has always been very market driven and its a big part of the game in our opinions and we don't want that aspect ruined by having a bunch of tyrants running the market with hundreds if not thousands of items. Along with just items there is money, credits and other things in crate which can break the economy as well. So as for this suggestion it is a 100% no.

The second suggestions given is to refund keys in a different form. We have thought about this but no matter what there is no way that will make this fair and it would get far more complaints. Players purchased keys and not something else.

The third suggestion is to refund purchases which cannot be done. The money made from the server goes directly back into it by paying for server, website and other costs.

The final suggestion I have seen is to refund a certain limit of keys to each player, though we considered this we all agreed this would still have a huge effect on the economy because of how many players bought keys and if we were to only give out 1-2 keys to each player the players that bought hundreds to thousands of keys would be out of luck and complain that it is not fair as they are getting the same amount people who only bought a few are getting. We decided against this and with that we decided to refund all keys to those who purchased them in the past 3 months from the reset as started above.

With all that being said I will now explain why refunding keys from the past 3 months from the reset date is the most fair. We know that many people have purchased keys and that some have purchased hundreds and even thousands however there is just no way we can make everyone happy. There is always going to be a reset because of how our servers economy works, its just a matter of how long it takes for the economy to eventually break and we have to reset the server. Because of this keys are a hard thing to refund each reset and refunding them will always shorten the lifespan of the current map/reset period and cause for less game play time on that map. We are currently looking into more ways to balance the economy and make it so the time period is longer and the economy has more flexibility however in the end the server will ALWAYS have to have a reset now and again.

With that being said we think the past 3 months is a fair amount of time as the players in that time did not get a good chance to experience the game play they get from their keys. In the end what you get from keys is stuff that improves game play and we think that instead of considering it a privilege we should consider it an extra thing that enhances game play for that map. We understand the frustration this decision will cause and that it is in a way unfair however it is the best way to do it in ours in the way of keeping players happy as well as expanding the maps lifetime as much as possible. It is a very hard balance to keep.

From now on we will be warning players about future resets a few months in advance and look for more ways to improve the economy so it doesn't break as fast. We apologize for all of this and hope you understand and stick around the community as there are great things to come.

As for those that are eligible for key returns they will be done automatically within the next few days. If you do not get them a week from when it is announced they have been given we will have a form for manual return posted by then which you can fill out. Thank you for your continued support.

-Jmanp (Survival and Prison Manager)
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