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pls unban

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    My apologies

    A few days ago, I was banned for scamming on the Generations server ... I'm really sorry, that I even tried it and would like to apologize for that. I also promise that it will never happen again! I have learned from my mistakes and ask for a unban or a ban foreshortening. Greetings ViciousEel
  2. G

    Ban appeal

    Sorry me and my friend were really drunk and we didnt know what we were doing, i got banned for typing some not good words on signs in my base, im sorry we thought it was funny back then but we really enjoy playing on this sevrer so if you could please unban me id be so glad, my IGN Timju
  3. L

    Ban Appeal

    I understand what I did wrong. I may have said some comments that would be considered inappropriate and racist and I apologise sincerely. I was muted for a day for my actions which I agree is a light punishment. If I can get un banned or at east have my ban not be permanent that would be amazing...
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    aaaa i was mining and have big luck. only additionation waht i have is mini map and that is ALL i never use hacks max texture pack so please unban and sorry for my english is terrible