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  1. joelw323

    Joelw323's Market

    Im buying: 1 block of iron/9 iron ore (1000 coins per set) Diamond hammers (7000 coins each) Special pokeballs e.g. Heavy balls, Luxury balls (300 coins each) Heart Scales (2900 coins each) Im selling: Rare candies (3200 coins each) 64 Dried Kelp Blocks (2.5k per stack) Shiny pokemon (DM on...
  2. joelw323

    List of pokemon you need for the storyline

    Here are the pokemon you will need to have to give to the NPCs to complete the storyline. (Pls help comment any pokemon I may have missed out) Main Quest: Any Level Horsea Level 50+ Hitmonchan Any Level Electrode Level 30+ Marowak Level 40+ Onix Level 50+ Golem Level 50+ Nidoking And Level...